Below is a collection of Hardware Design Tools that I've developed during various projects that I've worked on.

SPICE Related

Spice Syntax Highlight Mode File for jEdit

Just download this file into the jEdit/mode directory of your jEdit installation and add the line:
FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.{cir,inc,ckt}" />
to the file called "catalog" that's also in that directory.

Spice 3f5 for Cygwin (Windows)

I took the spice 3f5 code from Berkeley, added configuration files for cygwin and applied a couple of patches I generated from spice3f5sfix. I also modified the code to remove all of the compile time warnings. NOTE: You will need to build this package in a directory tree that is at least 4 directories deap, i.e. /home/charles/temp/spice/spice3f5-ce/.

If you want to build it you will need to install cygwin, including the stuff, and the development library. Then download and uncompress spice3f5-ce and:
./util/build cygwin
./util/build cygwin install

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns email me at [email protected] .

MathCad 2001i Spreadsheets

Lossless Transmission Line Simulation

A simple linear model of a lossless transmission line. Loosely based on a similar simulation provided by Dr. Howard Johnson in his "High Speed Signal Propagation" Book.

Standard Capacitor and Resistor Values

A set of equations that rounds off a resistor or capacitor value to the nearest value in the standard set of North American values. I use this one a lot when I'm doing power supply design.

Buck Converter Design (TI TM5000 Series)

An analysis of a Buck Converter Design based on the TI TMS5k series controller.

Bypass Capacitor Model , converted to MathCAD 2001

This simulation demonstrates some of the effects that interconnect has on a bypass capacitor's impedance.

Low Drop-Out Linear Regulator

An analysis of a TI TPS79501 LDO (thermal and tuning resistor calculation).

PCB Impedance Calculator

A PCB Transmission Line Impedance Calculator.

Power Decoupling Filter (pi)

A model of an ferrite bead based decoupling filter (Pi-Filter).

Simple PCB Thermal Analysis

A Quick and Dirty PCB Thermal Analysis.

Hardware Development Tools

Fylla 1.1

Fylla is a tool that loads a FLASH device through the JTAG port of a device that's connected to it. I built it as a simple Boot-loader Loader; I didn't feel like shelling out a pile of cash for a debugger for simple FLASH loading.

This is written for a Linux PC (uses the parallel port), and can program a Spasion FLASH through an AMD AU1000 processor. The device coverage can be expanded, with a little work.

The H/W design consists of a single octal Flip-Flop, some resistors and caps; stuff I had laying around. A simple buffer would work as well. There's a schematic included in the Fylla package.

This code / design could also be used for test and debug (if it's expanded). JTAG's pretty powerful and simple, it's not used enough by most Hardware Designers.

Getting this to work in another application will take some soldering and coding (in C). If you screw something up it may destroy your PC, or your Device-Under-Test. This tool is not recommended for anyone who isn't comfortable with that.